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6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Luxury Vinyl Siding

While vinyl siding might be the single most common material you’ll see on homes across America, it isn’t exactly synonymous with deluxe style. We want to change that – and introduce you to real luxury vinyl siding! The best vinyl siding has beauty AND durability, offered at a better price than any other competing siding material.

At Choice Windows, Doors & More, we’re the company that works with homeowners to make upscale dreams come true for realistic budgets. This commitment to gorgeous décor at a fair price is the main reason we believe in truly high-end vinyl. While we proudly use different lines from numerous manufacturers, some of our favorite lines of luxury vinyl siding come from nationwide leaders like Mastic and Certainteed. Keep reading to learn about what makes high-end vinyl unique – or reach out today to see your options and get quotes!


What Makes for the Best Vinyl Siding?

Sometimes vinyl siding gets a bad reputation – and it isn’t justified. While there are certainly examples of cheap and bad vinyl, that has nothing to do with these luxury lines. So, whether something is wrong with your current siding or you’re simply ready to upgrade your curb appeal, this is the perfect time and the perfect way to transform your home. While the attractive look is one of the first things you’ll notice, there are many other key traits of the best vinyl siding.


  1. Color Options – A huge spectrum of color options is the hallmark of any designer product, and our lines of luxury vinyl siding are no exception. While traditional vinyl comes in white and tan, the best vinyl siding offers a nearly endless color palette. While you’ll find standard color options like white, tan, and brown, there are also eye-catching hues like blues, greens, dark greys, cremes, and many more standout choices.
  2. Fade Resistant – Selecting the gorgeous color that complements your house is all well and good, but you need it to last, too. While some cheaper vinyl siding options have the potential to fade over time, all of our preferred siding lines come with a 25- to 30-year fade resistance warranty. That way, the striking color you choose is the color you get to enjoy for decades to come.
  3. Resists Minor Damage – The cheap builder-grade vinyl that comes standard on most houses tends to be very thin. Heavier gauge luxury vinyl siding is often engineered to be strong enough to stand up to the minor damage that can happen over years of use. After all, your siding is gorgeous, so it only makes sense that you want to keep it that way.
  4. Interesting Patterns – You probably know what the default vinyl siding pattern looks like: long, horizontal strips with an overhanging ridge. Fine for some, but you want a more distinct look.  High-end vinyl siding gives you the option to choose from a few different patterns. This is just another way that the best vinyl stands out as a deluxe home siding material.
  5. Long-lasting, low maintenance – To us, luxury means being able to sit back and enjoy the look of your home – not having to spend time and money maintaining it. While some classic upscale siding materials, like wood or fiber cement, need to be re-painted to keep their stunning style, luxury vinyl is maintenance free.  Whether or not you ever wash your luxury vinyl, it’ll last a lifetime.  However, we recommend power washing the siding every few years to keep it looking in top shape!
  6. Lifetime Warranty – It’s one thing to claim a product will last a long time – and it’s another thing to prove it. The majority of luxury vinyl siding we install comes standard with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturers are so confident that they have built a good product that they can offer this no-hassle warranty which will protect you the entire time you own the home. Make sure to ask your siding expert about the warranty when choosing your favorite style.


Trust the Siding Team that Does it Right

Green modern siding on detached garage

One other key to the siding that transforms your home’s style and lasts a lifetime is the skill of the installation team. At Choice, our siding installers are experts who have years of experience installing a wide variety of different brands and materials. When you have luxury vinyl siding in the hands of skilled installers, you have a recipe for an outstanding home, at a fair price.

If you’re ready to get started, reach out to our exterior design team. We’ll help you find the perfect vinyl color and style to complete your home’s look – and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote!

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It was amazing from start to finish. We had Brian Sheehe out to give an estimate to replace 4 drafty wooden windows with vinyl ones and to replace two very old wooden entry doors. The project scope included widening our front door from 30" to 36," installing a new header and patching the interior plaster with drywall and mud.Estimate went great, no pressure, and he listened to what we wanted and needed. Choice was the only company of the three places we contacted who would widen the front door, and Choice came in with the lowest estimate at around $5000 (in 2016). They also were the only ones who would allow me to paint my new doors without voiding the warranty.They came out with a crew of at least 4 people on a day when snow was expected in the afternoon, and they called in an extra person to finish all the work in a little more than half a day before the snow came. I'm still not exactly sure how they installed the new header and front door, new trim molding, patched the the drywall above the front door, mudded, and sanded it smooth all within a half a day but they did and all I needed to do was touch up the paint in that area - you cannot even tell where the edges are, it was that smooth.Everything has continued to work great over the last 4 years since installation in Feb 2016. It was so great to work with people who cared about my house like I do, and I will be calling them again with future projects.
Jen W
Jen W
14:21 21 Oct 20
19:47 29 Sep 20
My uncle found you online and suggested you to my grandparents. They are thrilled with the work you did and would recommend you to anyone asking for a good door repair service. They just got their bill in the mail and were relieved to see it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. 10/10 would recommend.
14:25 30 Aug 20
We had windows installed by Choice 9 years ago. Not a single issue. So when we needed a door we went right back to them. Excellent customer service and so professional! If you want quality work go to Choice!!
Diane Peoples
Diane Peoples
13:25 20 Aug 20
Alyssa and Ken did an excellent job and they were a pleasure to deal with. The entire staff did an excellent job and the quality of the work was first rate. We are very pleased with the kitchen remodel.
David Myers
David Myers
23:48 12 Aug 20
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