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Choosing an Interior Door for Your Home

Whether you are installing new interior doors or looking for replacement doors, this should be an exciting design opportunity to make your home your own. Replacing old doors inside of your home can be a fantastic, inexpensive way to revitalize the inside of your indoor living space. If you think about it, with a new door and a fresh coat of paint, you can completely update the look of a room, all within a day’s work. Although, if you’re in need of an interior door for your home, there are several questions to consider before making your selection.


Types of Interior Doors

When considering all of the different types of doors for the inside of your home, the first and most obvious question to ask yourself is where is door going to go? This is important to know when assessing the size and color of the door but also the purpose that this door is serving. These different types of doors all have unique functionality to them as well as other factors that come into play with picking the perfect indoor door.

Bedroom Doors

Bedroom doors play an important role in providing privacy to your own space the the house. If you want to ensure that you, your guests and your children are comfortable and able to get rest without disturbance, the thicker and more solid the door, the better. Although this may be a pricier investment than a hollow door, you will definitely enjoy the luxury of peace and quiet down the road.

Pantry Doors

Even though the pantry door is often overlooked, it is best to keep in mind that functionality can be a game changer. When you’re in the kitchen to pack lunches or cook dinner, you are going to appreciate a pantry door that gives you easy access to everything you need.

Not to mention, a door for your pantry can be a fun opportunity to bring color or a cool design element to your kitchen without making the investment for a new backsplash or countertop!

Closet Doors

When picking the perfect closet door, it’s best to keep size and orientation in which your closet entryway is laid out. If you have a walk-in closet, we highly recommend a door that opens up towards your bedroom, not the inside of the closet, or a sliding pocket door. This will allow you to have full access to the entire inside of your closet when getting ready in the morning.

If you have a wide, narrow, wall-length closet, it’s best to install a door that will give you as much access to the part of your closet you are looking for such as a double sliding closet door or a folding closet door.

Basement Doors

It is always a good idea to make your basement door thick and sturdy, whether your basement is finished or unfinished. If you have an unfinished basement, chances are it is dusty and chilly and you want to hide both of those things from the rest of your house.

If you have a finished basement where you hold gatherings or watch movies, you can easily install a basement door that will act as a barricade for noises traveling to the first floor of your house. In both cases, adding weatherstripping to this door will be helpful. Remember to always install your basement door to open towards the entryway, not towards the staircase to prevent hazards for falling backwards down the stairs.

Inside Garage Doors

Much like the basement door, your internal garage door serves a purpose to keep what’s on the other side from coming in the first level of your home. Depending on the time of the year, most garages are hot or cold and have outdoor elements like dirt that always seem to find their way into your garage. You should always choose an inside garage door that will keep those factors separate from the inside of your house, and not to mention that noisy garage door sound!

bathroom privacy door

Interior Door Styles

Now that your know where your interior home door is being installed, it’s time to have a little fun with picking your favorite style. There are numerous interior door styles to choose from to make your doorways match the rest of your home and bring your home’s interior to life including the following:

  • interior french doors
  • interior doors with glass
  • solid wood doors
  • interior sliding doors
  • interior double doors
  • internal glazed doors
  • white internal doors
  • solid interior doors
  • internal sliding doors

Don’t forget about the hardware. There are standard choices, but a door’s hardware allows you to put a personal touch on something that can be rather ordinary. With so many types of finishes and styles, you can go cozy country or sleek and modern with your door hardware selection.

Looking for an exterior door to go with your interior door style? Take our quiz now to find the perfect match!

Interior Door Installation Company Serving Lancaster, Chester, & Lebanon County, PA

If you need help with choosing the proper door for your home’s interior and are seeking out professional interior door installation, trust the experts at Choice Windows, Doors & More. We are happy to assist you with all of your home improvement projects whether it be for doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom remodels and more. Contact us or stop by our New Holland showroom to talk to our door experts and check out a wide selection of doors for your home.

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We had Choice install the most beautiful second floor sunroom ever. They began the project in December and worked through the cold and wind to finish in the end of January.They were very professional, punctual and paid great attention to detail. The workmen were very pleasant to be around and always had time to listen and discuss any issues we had. We would recommend them to anyone that wants a quality job done at a reasonable price.
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Kathy Ravegum
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Cam Healy
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This was the most professional and 100% the best price out of all the sliding door quotes I received. They were thousands less than other companies and the door is beautiful. Took them only a few hours to install and made it look beautiful. I recommended them to all my neighbors and friends already. Dont waste your time getting quotes from anyone else. Beautiful job Choice!
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John Pettine
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We used Choice to redo our master bathroom and kitchen. They did a great job with the design and installation. The crew working in our home were professional and very skilled. They didn't take any short cuts and we didn't get extra charges after the initial proposal. I would definately use them again and recommend them.
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Jacqueline Rearden
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