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10 Quick Tips About Basement Remodeling You Need To Know

Is your basement dark, dank, or outdated? Would you like to transform it from an unused storage area into a fresh, versatile space you can use for virtually anything?

If you’re ready to turn your drab and dreary basement into the functional and versatile space you’ve always imagined, here are 10 tips to help you get the most enjoyment and bang for the buck:

Complete Basement Renovation

  1. Add A Bedroom & Bath

    1. Not only will an extra full or half bath and basement bedroom make a perfect suite for in-laws, guests, and growing teens, but they’ll boost the value of your home more than any other basement remodeling project. Best of all, basement bed and bath remodels cost much less than removing exterior walls with a home addition.
    2. When planning a basement bedroom and bathroom remodel, think about light and outdoor access. Since building codes require basement bedrooms to have direct outdoor access, a door or window is a must. Plus, glass doors or windows will add more light to the naturally dark space.
  2. Consider Functionality

    1. Mini kitchens and wet bars are ideal basement home improvement projects. Not only do they make entertaining a breeze, but when added alongside an extra bedroom and bathroom, you’ll have a complete basement guest suite.
    2. A laundry room is also a good idea. Since you’ll already have the basement plumbed for the bathroom remodel, if you choose to put one in, both options will be easier to include and less expensive than you may think.
  3. Create a Rec Room or Relaxing Family Room

    1. Basements are perfect for relaxing with the friends and family. From big screen TVs and gaming consoles to pool tables and board games, a basement is an ideal place for all of these activities and more.
    2. To make the space as comfortable and inviting as possible, add drywall and finishes similar to the upstairs. Comfortable furniture, can lighting, sound systems, and more can all be included to transform your once dark and dingy basement into the perfect spot for relaxation, fun, and quality time.Don’t Forget the Windows and Doors
  4. Don’t Forget the Windows and Doors

    1. When it comes to basement remodeling, adding, widening, or replacing windows and doors can make a huge impact. That being said, while installing new windows isn’t as difficult and nerve-wracking as installing a home addition, it’s a job best left to professionals.
    2. In nearly all instances, window wells must be dug and retaining walls need to be built. If you plan on creating a walk-out basement, which will increase the value and livability of the space two-fold, even more excavation must be done.
  5. Build a Sturdy and Appealing Staircase

    1. When remodeling your basement, start with the first thing you see when you open the basement door – the stairs. You already have basement stairs, but are they sturdy and appealing? Do they invite you into the space or make you want to turn right back around?
    2. As is the case with many home improvement projects, it’s important to make sure the basement stairs are up to code. It’s also a good idea to consult with professionals like Choice Windows, Doors & More, Inc. to design and construct the best possible staircase for your home, your style, and your space.
  6. Include Built-Ins

    1. For many, the basement is nothing more than a catchall space to store holiday decorations, lawn equipment, and everything else that won’t fit in the garage or upstairs closet. So, when remodeling your basement, maximize its square footage by including built-in storage spaces too.
    2. From built-in entertainment centers and the space underneath the stairs to glass etched doors for storage separation and an architectural flare, there are countless ways to incorporate storage into your basement remodel.
  7. Finish the Ceiling

    1. For basement remodels, there are three basic options to choose from:
      • Exposed Ceiling
      • Drop Ceiling
      • Drywall or paneling
    2. However, since drop ceilings give an undeniable office feel and exposed ceilings only work for New York lofts, you’ll definitely want to conceal the pipes, ductwork, and joists with drywall or wood paneling of some kind.
  8. Liven Up the walls

    1. Basement walls are generally constructed of concrete block or poured concrete. To give your basement some main floor style, cover its concrete walls with drywall or veneer plywood. Add a little wainscoting or boards to cover the seams and you’ll have the perfect inviting walls for your transformed space.
  9. Light It Up

    1. Lighting is vital for every basement. While large windows and glass exterior doors can add quite a bit of sunlight to a gloomy basement, recessed can lights are highly recommended. Pendants and track lights can also be added for accent and task lighting in areas for reading, work or play.Opt for Practical, Stylish, and Comfortable Flooring
  10. Opt for Practical, Stylish, and Comfortable Flooring

    1. Unless it already has a plywood subfloor, chances are your basement floor is nothing more than a concrete slab. While this isn’t ideal for hardwood floors, every other flooring option will do. From stained concrete and tile to carpet and vinyl, there are plenty of choices to choose from for your basement remodel.

Basement Living Room Lancaster, PA

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like a wonderfully finished basement. In addition to boosting the livable square footage and value of any home, it also creates a spacious yet cozy environment for entertaining, relaxing, watching Sunday football, and countless other uses.

At Choice Windows, Doors, and More, we’ve helped dozens of clients throughout Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and York counties enjoy the basements of their dreams. We want to add your name to the list, so give us a call for a free consultation today!

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They did a beautiful job putting shutters on our home. Would definitely hire for future jobs.
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Alison Waas
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It was amazing from start to finish. We had Brian Sheehe out to give an estimate to replace 4 drafty wooden windows with vinyl ones and to replace two very old wooden entry doors. The project scope included widening our front door from 30" to 36," installing a new header and patching the interior plaster with drywall and mud.Estimate went great, no pressure, and he listened to what we wanted and needed. Choice was the only company of the three places we contacted who would widen the front door, and Choice came in with the lowest estimate at around $5000 (in 2016). They also were the only ones who would allow me to paint my new doors without voiding the warranty.They came out with a crew of at least 4 people on a day when snow was expected in the afternoon, and they called in an extra person to finish all the work in a little more than half a day before the snow came. I'm still not exactly sure how they installed the new header and front door, new trim molding, patched the the drywall above the front door, mudded, and sanded it smooth all within a half a day but they did and all I needed to do was touch up the paint in that area - you cannot even tell where the edges are, it was that smooth.Everything has continued to work great over the last 4 years since installation in Feb 2016. It was so great to work with people who cared about my house like I do, and I will be calling them again with future projects.
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Jen W
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My uncle found you online and suggested you to my grandparents. They are thrilled with the work you did and would recommend you to anyone asking for a good door repair service. They just got their bill in the mail and were relieved to see it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. 10/10 would recommend.
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